Have you ever tried to count how many battery-powered devices or machines you own?

Have a guess.  10?  20?  50?

Believe me it’s more than you’d think.

The humble battery makes the world go round, and yet we take it for granted.  Without ‘portable power’ we’d have no wireless internet, no mobiles, no cars, no electric torches, no hearing aids, pacemakers, digital watches, or drones.  No Apple, no Sony, no Tesla.

And stand by because the number of devices using batteries is going to skyrocket as the technology improves. Batteries are everywhere.  Can you think of a culture, a country, a religion, a race of people that doesn’t use batteries in some way or another?

But frustratingly there are some annoying flaws with the batteries of yesterday.  Toxic materials, poor charge retention, the dreaded ‘memory effect’, weight, and cost.

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