Ah Cuba.  Land of sunshine, old cars, real rum, grand old buildings, azure seas, Partagas cigars, and fishing.

I was strolling through Havana on a warm but rainy January evening, sun struggling to set over the Plaza de Armas and something struck me.  No advertising!

How refreshing.

Look at all the photos you see of Cuba.  Or just type ‘Cuba’ into Google images.  Where are all the ads?  Where are the posters for McDonald’s, AT&T, Verizon, Unilever?  Sky, Talk Talk, KFC?  Where are the ads for Pepsi, Coca Cola, Citi, Chase?  O2, Heineken, Vodafone, Asda, Unilever?  For HBO, Comcast, Apple, Samsung, Universal, and Cracker Barrel Old Country Restaurant?

At the moment commercial advertising is illegal in Cuba.  As is public relations.

As you’d expect, the vultures are circling.  The prize, as they sadly see it, is a healthy slug of revenues selling the eyeballs of the 12 Million Cubans to the likes of McDonalds, AT&T and the rest of the gang.

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