In case anybody is in any doubt the hero of today’s news from Horse Hill is the incredible oil man, and gentleman, Steve Sanderson.

Steve made this discovery possible and I owe him an enormous debt of gratitude.  I’m good at what I do best – taking a project of size, resourcing it, and bringing in the right management.

Steve identified the potential of the Kimmeridge and agreed to front the company in the face of doom-mongers and naysayers.  He stepped up to the plate, first as a consultant, then as CEO, and then Chairman, after I stepped down.

Steve agreed to become Chairman at my request, and in doing so staked his own reputation on Horse Hill coming good.  Today he has been proved right.

So, why did we find the oil and no one else?

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Is the “Gatwick Gusher” real – hell, yes!

Today’s news of the oil flow test results from Horse Hill, 1.2 miles from London’s second airport, Gatwick, is truly astonishing.

They show beyond doubt that what lies beneath the south-east of England is a strategic oil play of huge potential and of national importance for the UK.

The first of three zones to be tested gushed to the surface yesterday at a sustainable flow rate of 460 barrels of English’s finest 40 API oil through a tiny half inch hole.  For the layman – that’s fast flowing, consistent, high quality oil.

So many doubters with their poisoned pens thought the Gatwick Gusher was simply hype.  Many even penned that there would not be a chance in hell that this well would even flow.  They’re going to have to eat their hats.

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