Last Sunday’s Oscars was the usual glitzy parade of silly grins, gushing speeches and fakery.

Because that’s what acting is – faking it on the screen, with those best at the Hollywood make-believe game walking off with the gongs, cash and fame.

That sounds a bit unfair.  I actually love the movies as much as anybody, and thought it was a great travesty that the incomparable Cate Blanchett missed out on a gong for Carol.

So, fair play to Leonardo and the gang, but the only drama I’m interested in right now is watching so-called experts eat their words.

But that’s another story.

Mind you, there were two aspects of Sunday’s Oscars that did amuse me.  First, in his breathless acceptance speech, Leonardo DiCaprio banged on about climate change. “It’s happening right now,” he droned. “It’s the most urgent threat facing our species, and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating.”

That’s how important it is folks. We can’t just work collectively. It’s got to be collectively together. Genius.

The second thing that amused me was that Mad Max: Fury Road took the most awards (six, if you’re interested).  I remember seeing the first Mad Max 35 years ago.  One of our greatest Aussie exports, and back then starring a little known actor by the name of Mel Gibson.

And the link between Leonardo’s enviro-droning and the activities of Mr Max?


Yep, that’s right. Lithium. The emerging star of the markets.

It’s been hailed by Goldman Sachs as ‘the new gasoline’ and prices of lithium carbonate have surged 47 percent in 2016 from last year’s average, according to London-based Benchmark Mineral Intelligence Ltd.

So if there’s one way to save the planet, keep Mr DiCaprio on the red carpet, and bring peace and harmony to Fury Road, it’s for the world to finally take heed of what The Economist says is the future of the world’s energy supplies.

And now’s the time to do it. The prices are going up faster than one of Elon’s Falcon 9 rockets (sorry mate!) and experts reckon we’re going to need an extra 100,000 tons of new lithium carbonate by 2021 just to supply the electric car market.

So timely news this week from Bacanora’s pre-feasibility study for Sonora.  The proposed lithium mine is going to become one of the lowest cost producers in the world, and is on track to produce by 2019.  A world class strategic asset with the potential to become “a highly profitable and significant supplier of battery grade lithium to high growth, technology-based businesses” according to the brilliant Andrew Suckling, Chairman of Rare Earth Minerals Plc.

No wonder Goldman Sachs recommended lithium to investors as one of their ‘themes, dreams and flying machines’ to take note of right now.

And just this week, Bloomberg said that de-regulation in the electric car market will drive a further round of share price rises for lithium.

Rising demand that is largely indifferent to price and lagging supplies are the stuff of dreams for commodity bulls, Bloomberg, rightly, points out. They cite recent bull markets in oil and copper as examples. Now, they say, lithium’s turn is coming.

That’s analysis and opinion by world experts, folks. No fake glamour here.

Just real rewards for those willing to step onto the stage.

Written by David Lenigas