Well well well.  The UK is gearing up to vote leave if the polls and yesterday’s Sun front cover are to be believed.

I’ve been saying all along that Britain will be better off out of Europe.

From a business perspective it’s a no brainer.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve nothing against international cooperation.  It’s a good thing.

The UK should and must cooperate with other nations to strengthen trade, security, and so on.

But cooperation between nations is not what the EU is about.  The EU assumes its own, unelected powers and presumes to make laws of its own, which trump all national laws.

The businesses of this country are staggering under the weight of 2,500 new regulations every year at a cost of about £600Million.  Internet filters to protect children?  Nah, EU won’t allow it.  Toasters?  Have to be so low powered they’ll only make your bread warm and soggy.  Tampons?  EU forces the UK to add on VAT.

As far as the ever-wise EU elites are concerned you are too dim to be given a say on matters of such importance.

It has become increasingly clear that the UK stands to benefit enormously from jettisoning the floundering EU (Europe’s the only continent besides Antarctica which is shrinking not growing).

And business leaders up and down the country agree.

Peter Goldstein, the founder of Superdrug and 300 other business leaders wrote recently thatBrussels’ red tape stifles every one of Britain’s 5.4 million businesses, even though only a small minority actually trade with the EU.”

James Dyson, one of the world’s great entrepreneurs has gone public explaining that Brexit would help UK manufacturing survive in a global market.  To survive and compete the UK has to expose itself to international competition and needs to focus on selling into the fast growing markets of the future.  The EU with its trade barriers hampers that.

And JCB Chairman Lord Anthony Bamford just wrote to his 6,500 employees saying he’s “very confident that we can stand on our own two feet.

You’d be forgiven for thinking from listening to some of the nonsense the Remain camp has been spouting that the UK is some economic minnow.  In face the UK is the 5th largest economy in the world and when she leaves will become the single largest export destination for the rest of the EU.  The EU sells goods worth £289 Billion every year to the UK.

I happen to know a thing or two about salesmanship and I can tell you this – only an idiot would snub their biggest customer.  Come June 24 the EU will be begging us to carry on trading with them.

I love the UK.  Although I’m an Aussie living in Monaco, I have offices in London, I employ many extremely talented Brits, and I believe the UK has a great future.

But wake up folks and let’s cut the crap.

Brexit’s a no brainer.  It’s time to get real about this absurd failing institution the EU, invented in a different era and with no relevance to today.

I envisage a bolder, more confident UK striding out onto the world stage.  Striking trade deals with fast-growing continents, not shutting them out.  Selling to Europe on her own terms.  Cooperating with nations around the globe, not just the 28 European countries.  And sharing intelligence and security for the common good.







Written by David Lenigas