Tech Boom Cuba

The Internet in Cuba is bloody awful. I know from personal experience. But it is better than it was a week ago, a month ago and a year ago. At least Cubans still actually talk to each other because emails are an unaffordable luxury for most, at least for the time being.

Perhaps this is why Cubans have speed texting down to a fine art. Seriously fast. No emails, just texts. The Cuba cell network is brilliant and Cuba-to-Cuba phone and text are as good as anywhere else on earth, especially in the cities.

Less than five percent of Cubans have Internet access. A big leap from a short while ago. Some hotels have free Wifi now and some hotels will sell you Wifi cards. But at $10-$20 an hour it’s damn expensive for a slow, shitty connection that keeps dropping out. Not very good then for streaming the latest episode of Downton or CSI. In fact impossible. I did actually manage to watch BBC One last week for two minutes until it buffered out.

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