C9F49624-9A02-47A1-8BD4-A995B7F16435 8875F861-F535-44ED-AFB8-FB4834CAF566Dunno if you’ve been following the story of Billy, the British kid with epilepsy, whose mum took him to Canada last week to get hold of medicine to stop his multiple seizures.


So, the mum takes the kid to Canada’s equivalent of Great Ormond Street Hospital. They see the top doctors who specialise in epilepsy. Proper world-renowned specialists.  And they get prescribed these little bottles of epilepsy medicine.


They fly back to Heathrow; the mum declares the meds at the airport and they get confiscated by customs.  Apparently, the customs guys were in tears.  Under orders from the Home Office Minister Nick Hurd.  People are properly outraged.


Cannabis based medicine is perfectly legal in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, most places in America, Uruguay, Czech Republic, Portugal, Germany, Jamaica, and Israel to name a few. And the list is growing by the month.


It’s not even as if the meds they need can be misused for, ahem, fun.  I could drink a year’s supply of this kid’s medicine and not even get remotely high.


The UK line used to be there’s no proven medical benefit.  When that was shown to be a load of bollocks because there are proper clinical studies that prove the benefit, they then conveniently changed it to “there’s no proven medical benefit in the UK”.  What the hell does that mean?  Nothing.


It’s cruel and inhumane to take away medicines from little kids, prescribed legally and proven to work.


But get this.  The UK drugs Minister Victoria Atkins’ husband runs British Sugar, the world’s largest producer of medical cannabis.  And Theresa May’s husband Philp May’s firm Capital Group is the largest investor in GW Pharmaceuticals who make… you guessed it, medical cannabis.


One could say that this looks like a corrupt and cosy establishment stitch-up to me.  Fat cat politicians creaming in profits from medical cannabis.  And at the same time taking a little boy’s medicine away from him. Go figure.


This government is becoming famous for its anti-human policies.  Nearly 80% of the UK public now support cannabis-based medicine, and I reckon 100% would support it if they understood it better.


So, come on Mrs May, show you care and sort this one out.  Please.