Oil be dammed! It’s been a rather hectic two weeks in Lenigas-land.

The well has “gushed” in style. (By the way, gusher is a proper oil dude term if you care to look it up).

Do you remember some of those headlines from back in 2015?

‘New Gatwick Oil Gusher Means Nothing Says Expert’ (June 2015). Pah!  Critchlow at The Telegraph, and so called ‘expert’ Matthew Jurecky, of GlobalData – time to eat your words!

And what about this – ‘Gatwick oil gusher claims ‘wildly optimistic’ warns expert’ (Apr 2015).  Oh that will be Critchlow again, and his gloomy sidekick Jurecky. Critchlow no longer works at the Telegraph.

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Like many of you I kept a close eye on the Paris Climate Summit in December.

The implications of decisions made today are going to reverberate across the global economy, and down the generations.  Our kids (and their kids) are going to reap the benefits.  Or have to deal with the consequences.

Startling new data out this week from Standard and Poor’s suggest investment in clean tech will top $16 trillion over the next 15 years.

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