Back in January I wrote here that the Chinese are stealing a march on the US, and everybody else, in building trade relations with Cuba.

“In the coming years Cuba is set to become one the fastest growing economies, and it’s a mere 90 miles form the US coast.  It’s madness that the US is not moving to secure this economic miracle for itself, with both hands.”

I predicted that tourism and trade would grown even faster than the so called experts predict.

And lo it has come to pass!  If these numbers are not a wake up call to dozy Uncle Sam I’d be astonished.

Trade between China and Cuba grew by $1.6 Billion in the first three quarters of 2015.

China tourism figures hit 29,000 visitors and it’s growing.

Direct flights between the countries have been running for 8 months now.  China’s Huawei is helping build the island’s internet infrastructure.

And if you buy a fridge or TV in Cuba, most likely it’s made in China.

Yes, of course, China is pursuing an active, strategic, and shrewd foreign trade and investment game.  Always has done.  I’ve seen China in action across Africa over the past 2 decades.

But things are ramping up now though.  China is now the biggest crude oil operator in the North Sea.  China is about to open its first overseas military base, in Djibouti, East Africa.  And for while it looked as if she might finance the UK’s restarted nuclear industry through the infamous Hinkley Point financing deal.

Well this is what I say.  Fair play to China for seeing Cuba’s potential, for encouraging visitors, and for putting her investment into action.

As I’ve said many times before Cuba is taking off in spectacular fashion as she comes in from the cold.  I don’t begrudge anybody seeking to help make that happen with investment and know how.






Written by David Lenigas