I’m David Lenigas

I build successful businesses, create proper jobs for lots of people, and open up opportunities for whole communities.  I try to make a lasting difference to the world.

That’s what I do.  And I’m good at it.  Hard work is my hobby – and what a great hobby to have!

I grew up all over Australia starting my life as a ‘bush boy’ in a tiny town of less than 10 people on the edge of the desert and in the middle of nowhere.  Life was not easy as a kid, and my parents struggled at times.  My Dad worked three jobs to educate six kids through school.  But I learned then that your life is what you make it.  I left home as soon as I could at 18 and went into mining.

So, if you want to get on, then get off your backside and work.  Hard.

The world is changing.  Fast.  There are incredible opportunities out there.  My job is to try to spot them, and make them happen.

Whether it’s new forms of energy, or technology that will change the world.

Whether it’s countries that have been blacklisted, or on the backburner for generations.

Or whether it’s getting transportation going in Africa that allows people to travel and businesses to flourish.  What connects them all is opportunity.

I have a great band of supporters but what I do is not for everybody.  The term ‘Marmite’ has been used of me.  I quite like Marmite on toast, but Vegemite is better.

Over the years I’ve rescued and built dozens of companies in countries around the world, providing jobs and opportunities for governments and their people.  And I’m very proud of what has been achieved.

Not every company will flourish to heady heights, but more often than not they do well from where they started.  Build them and set them free is my motto.  And the numbers speak for themselves.

It’s not my job to tell you when to buy or sell.  It’s my job to keep these companies funded in challenging economic times, with volatile financial markets, and focus on building real businesses.

The multiplier effect of providing a real job in a developing country is massive. In the developed world they say for every person you employ, there are eight people who directly benefit as a consequence.  In the developing world I reckon it’s double that.  This is what gives me a buzz, building great businesses, and transforming communities for the better.

Some people ask me why I go to the markets to raise money, but you can’t build businesses with bottle tops.  Real money is required to rescue companies, to buy assets and to build them.  I wish I could just walk down to the local bank and take out a bank loan instead.  But companies list on the stock market so they can gain access to the wider capital markets and raise money, pure and simple.

So welcome to my blog.  This is where you can follow what I’m up to and hear my thoughts on the world.  My two cents for what they’re worth.