I'm David Lenigas.

I build successful businesses, create proper jobs for lots of people and open up opportunities for whole communities. I try to make a lasting difference to the world.

That’s what I do. And I’m good at it. Hard work is my hobby - and what a great hobby to have!

I grew up all over Australia starting my life as a ‘bush boy’ in a tiny town of less than 10 people on the edge of the desert and in the middle of nowhere. Life was not easy as a kid, and my parents struggled at times. My Dad worked three jobs to educate six kids through school. But I learned then that your life is what you make it. I left home as soon as I was able at 18 and went into mining......Read More

As an entrepreneur, I’m no stranger to risk. In fact, I love it. I actively go looking for it. Because where there’s risk there’s reward. Sometimes massively so. My philosophy has always been to understand the context, mitigate the risk and believe in what you’re doing.

Like 30-year old Alex Honnold. This kid is currently taking the climbing world by storm with his free soloing exploits. No rope, no safety gear. Just a bag of chalk and balls the size of Nebraska.

I was thinking about him whilst watching Forecasting the Future of Entrepreneurship, one of the panel discussions from the Consumer Electronics Show that has just ended in Vegas.

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America’s been caught napping in its own backyard.

If the US government thought their 55-year trade and financial embargo against Cuba would preserve Cuba for the United States of America they couldn’t be more wrong.

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Last week I laughed out loud listening to the BBC Radio 4 series with the brilliant British comedian David Mitchell. Its subject was whether manners are still important.  It was hilariously funny but tackled a rather important subject.

As a kid growing up in Oz my father made sure we understood that manners meant something.  Rudeness to elder relatives would be met with a wallop.  Quite rightly so.  In those un-PC days, it was not common to have your father dragged into court for giving a kid a damn good hiding for stepping severely out of line.

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If you’re not in Vegas this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) I suggest you have a good look.

Because there are big shifts underway, folks, that are going to transform our lives.

The show is always an extraordinary mash up of techies, fans, business-leaders, and hacks.  And every year there’s a load of hype about this or that new gizmo.

Last year everybody was obsessing about wearable tech, as the world waited for the launch of Apple’s smartwatch.

But the challenge, as ever, is to cut through the hype about gadgets, and to focus on the trends that are genuinely going to change our lives.  Let’s not forget that CES was the venue for the launch of CDs, DVDs and 3D printers.

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Cuba’s internet is changing fast (it needs to).

I’m no fan of state owned telecoms companies.  They’re generally where ambition goes to die.  They stifle innovation.  And customers never get a good deal when there’s a monopoly.

But Cuba’s Telco chief Maya Arevich Marin, President of ETECSA, has rather impressed me.

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Can’t believe another year has gone by.  I’m not usually into dwelling on the past but 2015 has been a standout year.

I went to Cuba for the first time, fell in love with the country and the people, and realised there’s a gigantic opportunity there to create something sustainable, and to scale, that will benefit Cubans and global investors.  We’re building a fantastic business in Cuba, with some excellent local partners who have the rare benefit of being long-established and well-respected Cuban business people.  I anticipate great strides ahead in the coming 12 months.

I stepped down from the boards of my London AIM listed companies: concluding with, at the end of the year, AfriAg, Rare Earth Minerals, Bacanora Minerals, Inspirit Energy, and Evocutis (one of the AIM pioneers dating back to 2003).  Some people were surprised by this.  But I’ve never made a secret of the fact that my job is to rescue dying or dead businesses, nurture fledgling businesses, get them into shape and get them funded, and in due course hand over to long-term professional management teams for the next stage of their growth.

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A big fat tax free bonus from King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia for almost every man, woman and child on this big blue planet of ours.

So the oil price has taken another dive.  $37/barrel as of this morning.  The lowest for over ten years, and lower than during the global recession of 2008.

Surprised?  Perhaps.

Pleased?  Well it depends whose asking.

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I love social media.  You may have noticed. 

As a businessman my job is to grow successful companies.  And an important part of my job is explaining to the world what my businesses do. Social media is an essential tool for me to engage with customers, staff, suppliers, partners, investors, governments, and the world at large. There are a lot of people selling boot leather on the streets and my job is to rise above the pack and sell my shoes better.

Our businesses do not exist in isolation.  They are part of the real world.  They create jobs, build communities, and drive economic growth.  So its right and proper that businesses explain, and engage with the people whose lives they touch.

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The world is on the cusp of a brilliant new age of innovative human transportation – cars, trucks, trains and planes.

January’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (where CDs, DVDs and 3D printers were first launched) might just be the touch-paper that ignites the electric vehicle (EV) firework.

Las Vegas is the venue for Herbert Diess, CEO of VW Passenger Cars revealing VW’s next all-electric concept vehicle. VW has been a bit sniffy about EVs in the past, but it needs to regain its car-manufacturing mojo and do something about its reputation after the recent emissions scandal.

VW has always been known for innovative technology, precision engineering, quality and an enviable global sales and distribution network. And with cash reserves of $32 billion its pockets are deep (even allowing for the €6.5 billion it has set aside to clear up the emissions mess). The emissions scandal should prove to be yesterday’s fish-n-chip paper as I think a lot of car manufacturers were cheating. Yes – even a few in the USA probably bent the rules a tad.

So I predict a big noise from VW in the EV market.  And I also offer VW some advice – now is the time to get serious with a technical collaborator, a Google, Apple, or Tesla.

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Today is a big anniversary for Cuba.  One year ago to this day, Presidents Obama and Raúl Castro announced to the world that their countries would try to kiss and make up.

After the immediate euphoria it dawned on people that the world wasn’t going to change overnight.  After all, the US embargo is enshrined in law so it’s going to take Congress to do something about it.  And it takes two to tango.  The Cuban government will also determine the pace at which US relations ‘normalise’. And Congress is Republican controlled with a large, deeply entrenched anti-Cuba lobby.

On the US front there has been some progress including, in the words of the US Embassy, “the direct transportation of mail, the environment, regulatory changes and counternarcotics efforts.”  So far so good..

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